Wonderful Wonderful World (2015)

by R-Genium

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Hello, dear listeners!
My name is Nik Litikov and I am a keyboarder of R-Genium, and at the same time the author of the lyrics and the music. I work up my courage and tell you a bit about this opus.
Relying on your first impression, you'll think: "Oh! Another group with woman academic vocal and keyboards...». But it's extremely deeper and much more delicate.
Wonderful Wonderful World is a plexus and a symbiosis of various styles combined in harmony. From modern metallic breakdown and strong orchestrating pushing you into the eye of the storm to tender and soft ethnic instruments taking you to beautiful magical woods.
From modern electronica and samples bringing insanity to undisturbed solo of Spanish guitar and sounds of harmonica flying you to the warm coasts.
Children's choir against "evil" guitar riffs and blues notes in one song against "Balkan" fun in another.
Romantic Russian ballad and Keltic instrumental composition.
And the lyrics are full of humor and sadness: it's about us and this big and Wonderful Wonderful World we live in.
I hope that everyone, each of you, our dear listeners, will find in this album something for themselves. I believe that it will happen this way and you will love my songs. I’ve fulfilled this work with the best I've learned during my life in music.
Regardless of the style and genre music unlike any other art touches the delicate strings of our souls in so much different ways.
Music is multifaceted and it's not about its style or genre.
Music is the only art which plays thing strings of our souls.
Nik Litikov


released May 30, 2015

Product by RG
All music & Lyrics by Nik Litikov
Recording on “RG studio” march - september 2014
Mixing & Mastering Sergey Lazar, CDM recods (Moscow)
Arrangements by RG

Vocal – Tatyana Shevchuk
Keys & Extreme vocal – Nik Litikov
Guitar – Dmitriy Shcherbinin
Вass & Rhythm guitar – Aleksandr Radchenko
Drums & Percussion – Aleksandr Kalashnikov

also played on the album:
violin - Olga Mityukhina
violin - Dmitriy Mityukhin
violin - Vasilisa Shadarova
viola - Yelizaveta Sarancha
cello - Aleksandr Ivanov
flute & piccolo - Yekaterina Malyukh
clarinet & bass clarinet - Oleg Danenko
oboe - Mariya Krayneva
bagpipe – Daniel Brenerman
accordion & harmonic - Yevgeniy Voronin
acoustic and Spanish guitar - Nikolay Losev
acoustic bass - Oleg Larin
percussion - Roman Krinichniy
tenor - Sergey Latyshev
baritone - Oleg Korobkov
bass - Petr Fursov
boy’s voice - Leonid Konstantinov
girl’s voice - Vika Sinkevich
male’s voice – James E.C.Turner

Art and Design by Alex from “Mayhem Project”
Photographer - Nikita Volkov
Make-up - Hellmaster Piro



all rights reserved
Track Name: Blue Sky
Welcome! Please! to our amusement park
We have attractions for your random thoughts
Crazy roller coasters and ugly beasts from dark
And a dirty beach for a full length show

I cannot stand any more
On this desert shore
Ash from my unwritten songs
Will fall like a snow

Do not break, pass on the dance floor
Now fulfill his last dance
While the best of your creations
Turn into false grotesques

Dancing to, the strange sounds
Rape all dreams of the Promised Land

I cannot stand any more
On this desert shore
Ash from my unwritten songs
Will fall like a snow

When the sun goes down, cannot help recalling the old days
Memories like a pieces of a puzzle - fall into the right places
And everything that had a beginning, at the end will end
Only the blue sky seems eternal, like smiles from past days

Your beauty - never comes back
And innocence - appears to rot
Disgraced pride and sublime platitude
Don't miss - the next turn

Now I'm just a grain of sand
Fall, and fall into the hell
Without grace and without mercy
Let us be done with it

Memories white from childhood days
Will be present, for my overlord
Lost and dried up fable of old days
Will disappear - and never return

Now I'm just a grain of sand
Fall, and fall into the hell
Without grace and without mercy
Let us be done with it

When the sun goes down, cannot help recalling the old days
Memories like a pieces of a puzzle - fall into the right places
And everything that had a beginning, at the end will end
Only the blue sky seems eternal, like smiles from past days
Track Name: One Day
Once upon a time
Not so long ago
When we believed
In grace of the world
There was more light
And darkness in fairytales
And the changes seemed to us like
Empty sounds on our way

If you don’t believe in words,
About grace of the world
Lets roll and rock’n’roll
Because one day
If you don’t believe the way
Falling and despair
Don’t stop and don’t stay
Because one day

One day
The only thing you have!
One night
You are on way to a grave!
Change anything! Just try!
You have time just to die…

Who you are to tell me if it is black or white?
Why do you wana tell me how to live my life?
You should pray at first, it’s enough to take a stand
One small character on an immense scene

Every day aiming for some way faraway
Be ware this day, may be the only one day
Track Name: Fantastic Story
It is a story but not a written book
And fishing on a dark side of the moon
Where the poetry, has left the poet
And about mysterious place without stars
Melting grief and pleasure forever
Where me and you are holding our hands

You know
Lonely heart Will be lost in snow
In our world

Pass the road
Knock the gate
The fantastic story like a rain
In dust
The fantastic story lasts?

When broken bridge rises in the ashy world
And through stone book, the rose will grow
Sprinkled with an angel’s tear, clear but so cold
And stars will see, our last dance in the night
Forgotten, but so sincere and alive
Giving this cold world one more hope

You know
The fantastic story will return
In our world

Pass the road
Knock the gate
The fantastic story like a rain
In dust
The fantastic story lasts?
Graceful light
Phantom warmth
And welcome to new perfect world
Of dreams
Heartless, ruthless playing everything

Pass the road
Knock the gate
The fantastic story like a rain
In dust
The fantastic story lasts?
New fall
Wrong way
Far from wishes till the end of days!
Far from wishes till the end of days!
Track Name: I Know Your Lie
Hello, hello my lovely friend in need
Every time you say: “ It’s a really empty deed...”
Because so few fans and no Golden hits
And you’re not recognized in crowded streets
But smile, I smile, every time you say this shit!

Because I know your lie
You don't stop pushing this theme while alive
Know your lie
Every Friday evening you are drinking wine
Know your lie
Every new song won’t bring in a dime
And know your lie
I know that you know, that I know that you lie

Five and eight, and fifteen years have passed
Tiny rock-bar, with new band you play “The Best”
First gray hair result of first divorce
And your music men don't know “Mr. Tuo”
And let it be, because the new album will soon be born

Hey bastards!
Hands off!
Rest in peace!
Don’t touch my soul!
It’s imperative
Don't cross the line!

Left! Right!
And turn around!
Full of shit!
But don’t give up!
Don’t stop!
I know you lie!
Track Name: Wonderful World
The TV says, the price
Of the air rose again
We don't need the sun
And sentimental shit
Get a good job with more pay
And please answer little boy:
''A new car, the greatest measure
Agree your daddy says?''

Wonderful World
Colorful fairytale for blind
Wonderful World
You gotta strike without crime!

We don't see the falling bombs
And we didn't start
This war
Of which so many speaks
Boredom and elegant pain
And where is a scary clown
Which did not sleep in childhood
And laughed from early days

Wonderful World
Colorful fairy tale for the blind
Wonderful World
You gotta strike without crime!
Are you insulted, sad and stressed?
The fallen and depressed!
And keep it all on the inside
Intoxicate your mind!

Wonderful World!
Wonderful, wonderful!
Wonderful World!
Wonderful, wonderful!
Wonderful World!
The blue sky over the ground!
Wonderful World!
The fallen star in midnight hour!
Wonderful World!
The playing children on the grass!
Wonderful World!
You’re everything, that is in us!
Track Name: Whisky, Piano and Gentel Lie
That night I was afraid of shame
You played so gentle and started the game
Your cigarettes
And growing rates
Did not promise us happy ending
You touched thin strings of my soul
And raging wind
Replaces calm
So slowly fall into the night
Intoxicate, bewitch my mind
Where every breath is going crazy

Gentle, so much gentle grace
When falling in space
Full of: insomnia, datura ,
Shiver and no sorrows.
Even if there are no doubts
It’s a story about:
Whiskey, piano and a gentle lie

But it’s still the game on thin ice
I stopped the play without cry
The broken vase
And fallen grace.
Goodbye, and come back to oblivion.

Gentle, so much gentle grace
When falling in space
Even if there are no doubts
It’s a story about
Gentle, so much gentle grace
When falling in space
Even if there are no doubts
It’s a story about:
Whiskey, piano and whiskey, piano and gentle lie
Track Name: French Kiss
Run, run rabbit run
Catching the sun
And spending your energies
Waiting for the greatest someone
Or something to show
The way to innovations
You, so young and alive
But everything lies
That was promised to you
Golden road,
Love of TV stars – And eternal youth
No! No! Not for you

Indefinite tension
The best celebration
Or hate as all
Small brick in the great wall
Won't change tomorrow
And daily sorrows
Feel like a dog
Stop! Recover your breath now!
You've never been so happy, like a crazy man
And never broke the rules, but drank black coffee and
You read Mr. Palahniuk for every lunchtime
But never French kissed with a rock star.

Time you never come back,
And do not forget
Bye! Bye! My dear eighteen
Twenty-four hours - it's great lie
You are asking why?
Never seem to find the time.

We don’t have a special way
Have time to kill today!
We can only shout!
We’re gonna do it now!
Track Name: What I Know
I slowly walk a lonely street
And cold ashes touch my feet
And wine in my blood runs dry
Stops pushing pleasure for your line
And all my friends forever dead
Or is it again? only in my head
Forever nothing, little hope
Such a crazy place, can't stand it anymore

What I know
I know the river will flow
And music will play every time
When grand piano blesses my mind
What I know
I know the time will always go
Today will turn to yesterday
Forgotten words will find their way

Two thousand years and a million miles
I'm looking for your perfect smile
But I forgot your real name
And walk somewhere far away
And once , when coming back sweet home
I asked a question to my world
Should I continue search or stay?
And what I know and what I may?

Ohhh! How I wish I had,
A little angel for myself
Which would make pain less and the lie
And made me stop to cry
Track Name: Runaway
Life will not always go on this way
Unadmired pictures will forever fade
And sails will not help, if there is no wind,
And problems catch us – when we stand still

Run away, Far away
While you're breathing still today
Break the cold, Break the warm
Keep the world
Take this time, Take this chance
And hit the road and advance
After breathing out, just breathe in

We play this sound for the empty halls
Will disappear in the crowd of sad clowns
So many drunk and such a lot of crap
Ready or not, quickly choose your real track
Track Name: Holidays
A new Monday morning
6 am on the clock
You drink strong black coffee
And dogs howl at the moon
And day light, like illusion
Behind grey twilight
And you regret so much
For distant sun and shine

And day by day you need more
A false move and more wine
And day by day you get fat
When you’re on net online
And simple under pressure
Ordinary of days
But it is time to say, stop:
“Let’s go far away”

And rainbow blaze
Let go far away, from rainy days
And never come back
And run well done
Holidays for come undone

The winter like a stinker
Without smile and t-shirts
And you keep a paper
And write an epilogue
But breathing of a summer
And carnival of life
Not faraway, but near
And along for a ride
Track Name: Mystic Of The Woods
Track Name: Люблю тебя
Если б время в спять, могли б вернуть
Было бы иначе? Нет
До конца б опять мы прошли бы путь
Сквозь радость, боль и смех
И встретились как прежде б вновь
На жизненном пути
На тех дорогах, что нас сведут
В предпоследний день зимы

Я не вижу тебя
Но знаю что есть, ты где то там – за Закатом
Ветер, слова унесёт
Оставит лишь дрожь, сейчас так надо
Время! Возможно пройдёт,
А может уже, пал последний замок
Но тебя я люблю
Дай мне только шанс, я буду рядом

Расстояние больше: мили, дни, года
А преградой стал абсурд
Даже если финиш и навсегда
Не надо лишних слов
И хотелось бы сказать, как жаль
Но шире улыбнусь
Но знаю точно, коль будет шанс
То я к тебе вернусь
Track Name: Farewell To The Past
Beholding all grace of world
And sneering over real shock
We’re building sandcastles
"Waiting for the tide"
All brave hearts, are lying in the grave
Their quiet song is coming to the end
And drumroll, is ready to sound now
“To the shouts of crowd”

My requiem
Not finished yet

Every breath may be the last
Every new day creates the past
Mountains fall and rise again
Farewell to the past kills and creates a new day
We don't see, the fatal tragedy
Mind blowing - philosophy
Plain talking - it's misery
"Until you see, what i see"

The final step to next floor
In kingdom of false mirrors
Where are dreams may come true
"But always, not for you"

Welcome to my never lands
Shining smile has a rest from trance

Black or white with a golden label
Little boy in a scarytale

But we don't know for whom we play
And useless white flag turn into chain
Restless soul in a dying world
Deeper! Deeper! Falling! Fall!
Where are all brave hearts, my mother,
Where is the morning sun
Where are endless moments
That will change us forever

Blue lagoon - acid rain
Cosmopolitism - public strain
Perfect smile has a rest from trance
Welcome to my, never land
Sun! Shining!
Just dreaming!
Black! Clouds!
Your rule!
Farewell the past!
New beginning!
Simple regret!
I know...

Give a hand to me, my brother
Pass with me all dark roads
And remember my last song
If i don't see end of road

I close my eyes and I see
The lonely man standing at the crossroads
Maybe... I even knew him
Because the shine in his blue eyes, seems familiar to me
In his hands, the shards of false mirror ---
But today, they are not useful,
And he drops them to the ground
An endless road leads him away from me
And a moment later, his silhouette merges with the horizon
The endless emptiness fills me,
And a wonderful wonderful world surrounds me
And i don't say goodbye,
But i say farewell to the past